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Entertainment and Charities! Audrey Allen Foundation Leads The Way.

Audrey Allen Foundation For children Founder’s birthday was like a carnival for children of the orphanage home in Karu, Abuja.  

Tosin Allen CaresCake for the eventAUDREY LOGO Tosin Allen making speech
It was a day to remember as the founder of the Audrey Allen Foundation For children, Miss Tosin W Allen celebrated her birthday at an orphanage in Karu, Abuja on the 21st of August 2012. She had over 40 Abuja based musicians and comedians accompany her to the event. It was great fun watching the children play on  bouncing castles, other fun toys she set up for them.
Birthday Carnival of Tosin Allen's birthday with the childrencross section at the event 
Birthday Carnival of Tosin Allen's birthday with the childrenBirthday Carnival of Tosin Allen's birthday with the children 
 There were about 5 cartoon characters all dressed up in colorful costumes. It was really like bringing Disney world to the children. Everyone had plenty cotton candies, cake, food and drinks. There were also lots of fun competitions and gifts to go round.  
When asked why she involved so many celebrities and why she made it so big, she explained that aside from the vision of the foundation to raise funds strictly through entertainment for children foundations and she wanted the kids to identify with these people.”These Children are superstars themselves and the future”she added pointing at a group of them dancing at one of the competitions.” I wanted them to have a sense of belonging and also experience what average children from average home experience. It is too cliché to bring gifts to orphanage and just dump them with their caregivers, I wanted this experience to be different”she also added.
@ the party@ the party 
@ the party@ the party 
 Present at the event and also in partnership to the believe was the "Naija Pickin" initiator Mr Kevin Pam (1st Nigerian to win the Big Brother Africa) and his adorable wife Elizabeth. Other celebrities in attendance were Bryan Okwara(Former Mr Nigeria cum Nollywood actor),Aanu Michael of Good Morning Africa,Romeo fourteen,Chuks the general,Fred Bright,C.E.O of Alpha plus magazine,Gully Ryder,Julieta,Igwe,Mekoyo,stainless,Kaycee Kline,Talent 5,sexy Jenny,Tshakes,Teddy King,Papa,U-jay finest,Sgt plus, Njemanze Dorothy, amongst others. The minister of culture and tourism, high chief Edem Duke hosted the celebrities that night to a dinner at 805 restaurant. Free cake provided by BM Posh cake maitama. Good Morning Africa also supported the event.
Quoting miss Tosin Allen ” Children are precious gifts from God and children foundations is a cause that deserves everyone’s support cuz we are all once children. I feel privilege working with NGO’s that are interested in children’s lives and affairs, because our mission is to support children foundations with fundraising for their project through entertainment programs to fulfil our vision of improving the lives of under privileged children by strengthening the NGO’s that serve the children with fund sourcing.
Audrey Allen Foundation for children is a new internationally recognized and respected charitable organization that helps other children foundations raise fund for projects through entertainment like stated above and that’s why it’s called the mother of all children foundations. 
The foundation first entertainment project which is a movie title “A CRY FOR HELP” featuring major celebrated actors & actress is currently on board plus the theme song/soundtrack for the movie will be released officially soon.  

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